School Education

         Education cannot be perfect till it is tinged with pleasure, leisure & hobbies. The school has created a hub of activities to bring out the potential, innovation & creativity of the students. Clubs & Forums have been formed with an aim to tap the latent talent of the students. Following Clubs & Forums perform various activities to explore the world beyond academics:
    • 1. Literary Club
    • 2. Mathematics Club
    • 3. Social Service Club
    • 4. Commerce Club
    • 5. Arts & Craft Club
    • 6. Science Club
    • 7. Dramatics Club
    • 8. Health & Wellness Club
    • 9. Environment Club
    • 10. Literary Club organizes Debates, Speech Contests, Extempore Speeches, Declamations etc. Other clubs organize Group Discussions, Quizzes, Skits & Presentations. Projects are undertaken for Community Service & Campaigns are launched against burning social issues. Art & Craft Club, Music & Dance Clubs satiate the creative urge of the students. Environment Club sensitizes the students about their responsibility towards the protection of the Mother Earth & natural resources. Yoga, Meditation & Physical Exercises revitalizes & rejuvenates the spirit of the students