School Education


The changes in education system are shaping a new reality in the fabric of teachers, educators and academicians. The very environment in which knowledge exists has been transformed as students are no longer mere recipients of knowledge that is taught to them. Now, teachers and students are co-creators of knowledge. Teachers can no longer impose their perspectives, attitude and instructions on them. Learning is based on the interaction strategies between teachers and learners. Education has gained a multi dimensional role where only prepared minds with versatility can make their mark in life. The role of parents in the present scenario has changed radically. They can no longer be the passive consumers. They need to be sensitized about the academic as well as the behavioral performance of their wards so that they can contribute towards their holistic development. Parents must get an opportunity to witness the brilliance, talent and potential of their wards. It is important for them to see and acknowledge their children’s performance on stage and participation in activities. We, at Sidheshwar, make sincere endeavours to provide a launch pad for the students & assist them to hitch their wagons beyond the stars. They must grow up with conscience, confidence, clarity & concepts. Let’s join hands to enable to achieve Mission Excellence & prepare them for life.

Principal - Sangita Sabarwal