School Education


“ See the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”

Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. It plays a great role in aspiring young minds to develop a life long enthusiasm for learning. “We educate a child – intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically so that our children will make a positive contribution to society and be adaptable problem solvers, capable of copying with the demand of life now and in the future”. We believe that the foundation of a child’s future begins in primary school, where we offer fun, safe and friendly importance of moral values and ethical principles. We prepare students for being a lifelong learner. We encourage independence and teamwork. Our children are taught the basic skills for problem solving, asking question and learning to work individually and in a group. Beyond academics we look at each students as a whole person and hence we aim to provide each student with necessary counsel and support needed to enable him or her to reach their potential. The school provides state of the art facilities, technologies and infrastructure and always strives to improve the curriculum through regular review and implementation . Our approach is child-centered encouraging activity based learning, inculating a scientific temper and aspirit of free enquiry. At Sidheshwar, the curriculum takes on a student centredapproach, whereby children are involved in the learning process. Teachers ignite curiosity and the desire to learn a methodology that turns learning into a combination of classroom study, research and discovery. Whilst excellence is pursued the school is nevertheless devoted to the notion that every child is important. At Sidheshwar our parent community is also our strength. We welcome all your view and suggestions because we believe in mutually supportive and effective relationship between school teacher and parent.